Bao To

Bao To ’23

Roles: webmaster, Core Member


Football Plays Marker (Winter 2022) 

  • One of the aspects of a good football team is that the players know what they are doing, and that they can coordinate perfectly with each other. Hence, the responsibility of each player is that they “remember their plays” and do their work. For this to happen, paper quizzes are often designed and organized to test players’ abilities to actively recall the team formation on the spot. This project, as a result, is designed to make this process easier by digitizing the quizzes and allow players’ results to be saved and displayed on the web application. Football players now only need to log in to the website and take the quiz, instead of doing it on paper, hence saving considerable amounts of paper and time.
  • Project Paper


I am Bao To, a class of 2023 international student at the Peddie School.

I have always been interested in disciplinary topics in Science, Art, and Technologies. In the Computer Science Program at Peddie, I spend my time on developing projects that focus on raising consumer standards and convenience. I worked with some of my fellow classmates on a Magic Mirror that displays information on a mirror to the user.

In the winter, I took on the challenge of learning web development from scratch, and developed a Django and Python-based web application that allows football players to make football play cards and quiz themselves to remember the plays.

I have also created the Peddie Digital Art Club website, as well as helped develop the PEST website and the PeddieHacks website.

Because of the open development environment at Peddie, I was able to do research and work on opportunities that I find interesting, and I am very grateful for that. Outside of school, I play Football in the fall and participate in our FRC5895 robotics team in the winter and spring. As part of my commitment to contribute to the community, I am the leader of the Digital Art Club as well as a Computer Science Fellow and Writing Center Fellow at Peddie.